European officials see again that the anti graft actions in Romania don't go anywhere and warn that the future reports depend on the way the Justice does its job.

Meanwhile, the head of the Conservative Party prepares to sue the Anti Graft Prosecution Office after becoming officially under pursuit in a money laundering file. As for Romanians in Europe - over 7,000 of them are in prison or arrested. Not a good PR for Romania, some may say.

The successful "5,000 euros car", Dacia Logan, will launch its SUV model before 2010, for some 13,000 euros. The Logan SUV will copy some of the Nissan Qashqai exterior features, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

And SUV we shall drive, given the state of most of Romania's roads. In case one wonders why the transportation infrastructure is so messed up, Cotidianul offers a plausible explanation: Romania failed to spend over 2 billion euros offered by the EU as non-refundable financing for infrastructure and environment.

Between 2001 and 2005, authorities used 11,6% of the 2.25 billion euros available through the Pre-Accession Structural Policy funds.

Despite that, the new Economy Minister, Varujan Vosganian, promises not to increase taxes, but focus on better collecting. "We want to maintain the stability and predictability in this field", said Vosganian, quoted by Cotidianul.

The information above is rather useless for a special category of Romanians: those in prisons worldwide. According to the Foreign Ministry, come 7,600 immigrants are arrested or imprisoned across the globe, but mainly in Spain (2,102) and in Italy (3,194), Gandul reads.

At least one of them is happier today: Romanian journalist Walter Ghidibaca, convicted in Russia for joking about having a bomb on a Moscow airport, was released on Tuesday. The 32-year-old journalist was arrested on August 11, Romania Libera reminds.

Less patient, when it comes to trials and convictions, Conservative leader Dan Voiculescu will sue the head of the Anti Graft Prosecutors, Daniel Morar, for abuse.

Voiculescu is upset that he couldn't find the prosecutors during the Easter holidays, in his attempt to clarify the money laundering accusations against him as soon as possible, Jurnalul National reads.

The heavyweight politician is not the only one targeted by the anti graft prosecutors. And is also not the only one where the things go very slow. German reporter for Romania in the Bundestag, Gunther Krichbaum, warns that everything has to be perfect before the next European report on Romania, so that the monitoring would cease.

"The report depends mainly on the way the Justice manages to issue or drop the verdicts in high corruption cases", said Krichbaum, according to Gandul.