Romanian gendarmes have identified and are about to arrest a group of football supporters who beat a TV cameraman at the Saturday derby between Steaua Bucharest-Dinamo Bucharest. But they failed to explain how it was possible that a cameraman working for the public television was beaten with chains under their very eyes before the game.

Robert Cristea was attacked by a group of Steaua supporters before the game started on Saturday. His camera was broken and he was hospitalized with serious wounds.

A representative for the Gendarmes, Eugen Meran, failed to explain how comes his men did not intervene to defend the man, but accused journalists of not complying with the directions of the gendarmes to stay in a specific area of the stadium.

According to Meran, quoted by the public television TVR, mounted gendarmes could not intervene because they were not allowed to mount off. And he said they could not arrest the suspects on the spot because “they did not have the time” for that.