After the Constitutional Court decided dump the burden of the presidential suspension onto the PMs' shoulders and the new government was invested, there is very little left to say, except maybe for "Happy Holidays".

Most newspapers also mention the growing scandal between the Romanian embassy to London and BBC, the station being accused of false reporting.

The president can't be charged with any severe violations of the Constitution, the Constitutional Court decided. Still, the decision is rather a consultation, so that the Parliament will have the final word in president Basescu's suspension, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

But the political crisis seems to be contagious and mutating. An even worse form is going on in Ukraine, where the red alert is about to be called. The president demanded the Parliament and the Government to cease their activity and call for early elections, but both institutions refused to obey.

President Yushchenko and PM Viktor Yanukovich are almost at war, Gandul reads.

Returning to our local businesses, Romanian meat products will be produced following rules even tougher than the rest of Europe, Evenimentul Zilei reads. The MDM (mecanically divided meat), the organs and starch must disappear from several meat products, sausages and salami mainly, starting on April 8.

MDM can only be used in food that must be boiled or cooked for at least 20 minutes, over 720 degrees Celsius.

For some Romanians it may be better in Italy, where salami, pastrami and other delicacies are allowed to maintain their traditional recipe. But not all Romanians are glad they chose Italy: 102 interlopers were arrested yesterday during a Police raid in Turin, Bologna, Verona, Padova and Peruggia.

All of the are charged with procurement, drug and persons trafficking, France Presse informs, quoted in Evenimentul Zilei.

But fair businessmen still have a reason to leave abroad: in Romania, they stay in line for days, sleeping in their cars, hoping to win an European financing for their programs, although not the line, but the interview decides on what program is a winner, Gandul reads.

And the worst of all is to be Romanian in Nigeria. A second Romanian was arrested for espionage, after he was caught taking pictures of cars confiscated by a Police division, Gandul found out. It is the second time a Romanian is charged with espionage in Nigeria, in less than 6 months.

And, in case one is interested in Romanian traditions, all newspapers offer a feast of recipes, wine listings, medical advices and how to mix them suggestions. Bon appetite!