Although it seemed that the new government, along with the presidential blessing, would mark the end of Romania's political crisis, things start to look bad once again. Not only in the Romanian media, but in the international ones as well.

Meanwhile, the populace has to bear with the hardships for some 20 or 30 years more, until the average GNP per capita would reach an "European level". Is it worth it or do Romanians sleeping in Hyde Park know better?

Although everything seemed to settle down, president Traian Basescu held a prime-time press conference last night, accusing the new government of "serving interests", only hours after signing the decree for instating the new ministers.

"The war just begins", is the dark prediction in Romania Libera, a paper that predicts a new wave of anti-corruption investigations, balances, searching for guilty parties - all of it with the Anti Graft Prosecutors as referees.

Meanwhile, Gandul puts up a review of the international reactions to Romania's crisis.

"It's a confrontation of egos, a stage of the political disintegration, reminding rather the stormy past than the European and democratic present", The International Herald Tribune comments, according to the newspaper.

The loss of Justice Minister Monica Macovei also makes EuObserver believe that "Brussels will be worried with the change", mainly because "the governmental reshuffling hasn't got many chances to end the political instability climate".

From New York, MarketWatch reads that "were it for this crisis to take place in 2006, Romania wouldn't be an EU member now", same Gandul notes.

It is understandable why "Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants live in tents in Hyde Park", as Gandul found out from "The Daily Mail", although it is forbidden to live on properties belonging to the Queen.

"The Sun" and "Telegraph" couldn't miss such a story, so Romania loses once again some points in image.

No wonder they live in parks, some may say, after reading today that "Romania may reach the average GNP per capita ration in 20 or 30 years", in case it maintains an annual growth of 6-7%, and Europeans settle for 2-3%, the Romanian Center for Economic Policies announced.

"Patience and tobacco" says an old Romanian proverb referring to the recipe of a good life. Soon, patience will be the only one affordable, with tobacco prices growing once again in July, as scheduled, Cotidianul warns.