President Traian Basescu held a press conference on Wednesday evening, with the main point of view being that "all people afraid of early elections want to lead Romania from behind closed doors, so that no one would ever bother their illegal affairs and no possible penalty from Justice".

Basescu compared the new cabinet with an Administration Council (company board), mainly basing his speech on the idea that the will of the majority is not reflected in the political structure, only 20% of the populace supporting directly the new Parliament majority. "It's a backstage majority, not a visible one", says Basescu.

The head of state also says that "all those who support of a weak government are the same with those who take advantage of the system. The illegitimate goals of these groups are more and more protected, as the state loses its authority and representatives are easier to manipulate".

The uninominal vote was once again an issue in Basescu's speech, this time as a starting point for creating strong and democratic governments.