The Clean Government Coalition (CGC) announced that seven of the new cabinet’s members failed to fulfill the integrity criteria agreed in 2004 by the Coalition for a Clean Parliament and the parties in the current governing alliance, Liberals and Hungarian Minority’s Democratic Union (UDMR).

Teodor Melescanu, Marko Bela, Zsolt Nagy, Ludovic Orban, Cristian David, Decebal Traian Remes and Paul Pacuraru are the names of the new ministers about to stir a new controversy on the political stage.

Teodor Melescanu, Defense Minister, worked in diplomacy during the Communist regime. A former officer of Ceausescu’s political Police, Securitate, publicly claimed that Melescanu was one of his collaborators. Melescanu was also a board member in Rompetrol, an oil giant owned by one of the controversial Liberal leaders.

Marko Bela is under investigation in a file at the National Anti Graft Prosecution Office (DNA) for a 30,000 euros pay down for a book he didn’t write yet. The editor is a nobody on the editorial market.

Communication Minister Zsolt Nagy is to be investigated in a spying controversy referring to strategic privatizations.

Ludovic Orban, nominated for the Transport Ministry, was manager in Rominserv, a company belonging to the same Rometrol, mentioned above. Recently, Orban tried to impose a decision in favor of Rompetrol in the Bucharest City Council, but failed.

Cristian David, chosen for the Interior Ministry donated in 2004 107 million lei (some 3000 US dollars), but declared that his entire income was 83 million lei for the entire year. The company he leads along with a PM counselor had a 2.5 billion lei business figure in 2004, offering consultancy for European funds.

Agriculture nominee Decebal Traian Remes, is a political “hitchhiker”, being a member of the Liberal Party, than moving to Christian-Democrats, Conservatives and other alliances and experiments.

Paul Pacuraru, chosen by PM Tariceanu for the Labor Ministry, has been on the CPC black list since 2004, because he holds shares in Eurocom, a company involved in dubious trades with steel giant Sidex.