The Romanian Parliament passed the reshuffled government with 302 votes in favor and 27 against on Tuesday, thus approving of a “second” executive formula in which the Democratic Party (PD), a former ally of PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s Liberals (PNL), no longer exists.

As PD and fellow Liberal Democratic (PLD) MPs left the session at the time of the vote, parliamentary sources told that representatives of the opposition Conservative Party (PC) voted in favor of the government. PC had previously said they would vote against.

The 27 votes against the reshuffled team, formed mostly of Liberals with Hungarian Democrats’ (UDMR) support, belonged to far right Greater Romania Party MPs.

The ministers are now due to take over their duties after President Traian Basescu signs the necessary decrees in this regard. The new government will then be sworn in before the President.

Several Democratic members of the late PNL-PD government including Anca Boagiu (EU Integration), Radu Berceanu (Transport) and Vasile Blaga (Interior and Public Administration) have returned to parliament to serve as MPs.