A presidential decree dissolving the Ukrainian Parliament entered force on Tuesday, one day after it was signed by President Viktor Yushchenko. But pro-Russian PM Viktor Yanukovich said immediately that the Parliament should continue its activities despite de decree as he said a Constitutional Court decision had to be announced on what he called “a fatal error” of the head of state.

Yanukovich said in a televised speech that the President should negotiate with the largely pro-Russian parliamentary majority to find a solution to the current crisis for the sake of “Ukraine’s future”.

Russia said on Tuesday that it was concerned about the dissolution of the parliament in Kiev and called for a “compromise” between Yushchenko and the pro-Russian majority, according to a Russian Foreign Ministry release quoted by the AFP.

Thousands of Yanukovich supporters took to the streets on Tuesday morning to protest against the dissolution of the Parliament. Some 140 tents were installed in downtown Kiev as protesters found inspiration in the scenario applied in the 2004 “Orange Revolution” that brought Yushchenko to power.

This comes after months of political struggles between the pro-Russian government and Yushchenko supporters.

The European Commission has called on Ukrainian political leaders to find a peaceful solution to the current crisis as soon as possible. An EC official quoted by AFP said political stability was a must for the continuation of reform in the country, which is supported with EU funds.