A month without a Foreign Minister, weeks of governmental paralysis, fratricidal scandals within the governing alliance - that's what makes the editors at The Economist say that Romania's joining the European Union "was a remarkable achievement. But keeping it a credible member may prove even harder".

After describing the TV confrontations between president Basescu and PM Tariceanu, as well as the history of the ForMin's seat vacancy, the authoritative weekly presumes that the Government is on the verge to collapse.

" The breaking point came this week when the Liberals said they would stay in the coalition only if the government pulled troops out of Iraq, and dumped three ministers, including the non-party justice minister, Monica Macovei. When the Democrats refused to agree, Mr.

Tariceanu pronounced the government “dead” and started work on forming a new minority administration with the Hungarians", The Economist reads.

The paper warns that the governmental crisis takes place days before Romania should present its progress in front of EU officials. The European Commission would present its own report on Romania's evolution in June.