Political scandals led to a complete loss of trust of the populace, regardless the party. No wonder doctors try to flee the country and the most trusted professionals are the firemen.

President Traian Basescu lost over 10% of the population's confidence degree, from 51% in February to 41% today. Compared to January, it's even worse: a 19% loss.

The next after the president is the controversial businessman Gigi Becali, owner of football club Steaua, with 39%. PM Tariceanu dropped 4%, down to 19%, while 70% of Romanians believe the Government has a cabined just as bad or even worse than the former governing party, Social Democrats (who now enjoy 24%).

Far right Great Romania is seen as a solution by 16%, compared to 19% in February, Evenimentul Zilei and most other newspapers read.

Under these circumstances, it's no wonder Romanians find firemen, pilots and chemists in drug stores. The finding was made during a study on the spending habits of Europeans, involving 15 countries, Gandul reads.

Even Nicholas F. Taubman, US ambassador to Bucharest, took a stand and warned that the political crisis may cause a decrease in US investments in Romania. "The political scandals already raises questions in the foreign business and political environment", said Taubman, according to same Gandul.

Even those who made big profits in Romania are quite unhappy these days. Bulgarian Stamen Stantchev, one of the main defendant in the recent spy scandal referring to strategic privatizations, says he is followed and watched upon, wherever he goes in Romania.

Stantchev still says he is not guilty of anything and that he will eventually prove his innocence, Jurnalul National reads.

Some alarm signals come from the international rating agency Moody's, who's officials said Romanian economy is on the verge of overheating. With inflation rate trend reaching an end and economic growth of 6.2%, Romania faces an increasing current count deficit, Gandul reads.

Medical doctors are the first to flee the country, some 1,400 demands to work abroad being already submitted to the Health Ministry. The total number of doctors in Romania is 47,000, making the 1,400 represent some 3%, Cotidianul reads.