Romania’s troubled governing D.A. Alliance would win some 39% of the votes if general elections would take place next Sunday, according to a new study published by Romanian pollster IMAS.

The poll shows the main opposition group, the Social Democratic Party (PSD), would receive 20% of the votes, followed by the New Generation Party (PNG) of populist businessman-politician Gigi Becali with 18%.

As few as 9% of Romanian voters would support the second biggest opposition parliamentary group, the far-right Greater Romania Party (PRM), followed by Hungarian Democrats (UDMR) with 5%, Liberal-Democrats (PLD) with 4%. The remaining two parliamentary parties - the Conservatives (PC) and the National Initiative Party (PIN) would get 2% and 1% respectively.

The D.A. Alliance is formed of the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Democratic Party (PD). The two groups are on the brink of breaking up after never-ending political quarrels that led Liberal PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu to herald the death of the Alliance earlier this week.

In terms of political leaders, President Traian Basescu is supported by 41% of Romanians, followed closely by PNG leader Gigi Becali, who owns the Bucharest-based Steaua football club. Theodor Stolojan, who withdrew from the PNL late last year and formed PLD, is trusted by 26% of the population.

Forth comes ex-PNL politician Mona Musca who announced her withdrawal from politics recently over an official verdict that she had collaborated with the communist political police.

PSD leader Mircea Geoana is supported by 24% of Romanian voters, while only 19% trust PM Tariceanu.