Romanian Presidency spokeswoman Adriana Saftoiu confirmed on Thursday that she submitted her resignation starting April 1, saying that “it is a simple administrative measure. I remain a supporter of [President] Traian Basescu’s politcies and projects”.

She said she resigned for personal reasons as “I am certain we all have moments when we want to go home”.

News of her resignation first reached and other media via unofficial sources on Wednesday night.

The sources said Saftoiu’s decision comes as differences between her and President Traian Basescu have multiplied because of a former presidential aide, Elena Udrea, who apparently retains a high degree of influence with the head of state despite having resigned a while ago.

The sources said Udrea’s influence on Basescu as she gained a lot of political muscle with a series of public appearances over the past several months. They say Saftoiu and Udrea - who has been mocked at in the media as “the presidential blonde” due to her blond hair and strong sex-appeal - have never managed to get along with one another.

Saftoiu is be the last of the team of presidential aides that accompanied Basescu to the Presidency when he won the 2004 elections.