Romanian on-line publications and are launching the first interactive project aimed at answering the popular need of European funds knowledge: “euROfonduri”.

The project is supported by Raiffeisen Bank and can be accessed at the Romanian webpage of - “euROfonduri” section and - “Finantare UE” section.

People interested in EU funds can access concise, palpable information every day at these two addresses. Key information in English will also be available at The two Romanian websites will also answer questions from the large public via an on-line platform that facilitates the meeting of readers with consultants in the field of European funds.

“A high degree of absorption of European funds is the great challenge of post-accession. The money must not remain unspent. However, no matter what one writes about EU funds, the information can lead nowhere unless the triangle of beneficiary-banking and consulting system-authorities is closed.

This is what this project does”, says Manuela Preoteasa, and representative.

In the banking system, the exclusive partner for euROfonduri is Raiffeisen Bank, a banking group that has included support for European programs among its priorities.

“Raiffeisen Bank offers its partners an integrated consulting and co-funding product to support investments of companies that are ready to face competition on the European market: support in defining and presenting the projects that can receive structural funds and co-financing them for implementation”, says Steven van Groningen, Raiffeisen Bank president. and will launch a conference on “How to spend structural funds?” on April 2, with the participation of Charles White from DG Regional Policy, the European Commission. The event will be followed by the publication of brochures on structural funds.