The opposition Social-Democrats (PSD) said on Tuesday they would not forge partnerships or deals in order to support the government, PSD spokesman Cristian Diaconescu said on Tuesday. He urged PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu to present the Parliament with a reshuffled government as soon as possible.

The announcement comes as Tariceanu seeks support for a government without the Democratic Party (PD), with which his Liberal Party (PNL) has shared government for two years.

Diaconescu said the PSD would support a government according to its capacity to solve the existing political crisis in Romania, which he blamed on PNL and PD. And he said the PSD would stay away from any government formula before the 2008 elections, if it had to chose between the PNL and PD.

His statement comes as the PSD seemed sliced in two on Tuesday when the party leadership gathered to analyze what stand it should make after Tariceanu stated the governing alliance between PNL and PD was dead yesterday.