Romanian Liberal prime minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu heralded "the death" of the governing alliance on Monday as talks with Democratic (PD) coalition partners to overcome the political crisis failed earlier today.

Representatives of the two governing parties in Romania met in the morning in an effort to defuse the crisis that may lead to the breakup of the current government.

Following the talks Liberal Party (PNL) deputy president Crin Antonescu said his group did not find the Democrats to be a proper partner of talks, thus dismissing media claims of a possible breakthrough during weekend negotiations.

And at noon PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu, the president of the PNL, heralded "the death of the D.A. Alliance" that has governed Romania since the 2004 elections.

He blamed the situation on the Democrats' decision to run on separate lists in Romania's first European elections due this year.

And he also named the decision of two of PD's ministers - Justice minister Monica Macovei and Interior minister Vasile Blaga - not to support his decision to postpone the European elections as another way by which the Democrats "initiated" the collapse of the alliance.

And he accused PD's Transport minister Radu Berceanu of being tasked with attacking him constantly.

The Evenimentul Zilei newspaper claimed in its today issue that Liberal PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu met Democratic Party (PD) leader Emil Boc last weekend in an effort to save what can be saved of the their governing alliance.

The talks came as the two parties prepare for a government reshuffle aimed at overcoming the political crisis affecting Romania for months.

But Antonescu said today that the Liberals did not find a partner in PD during morning talks and that a decision was to be made on the expected government reshuffle.

For his part, PD executive leader Adriean Videanu said his party was ready for any outcome - either to leave the government or to stick with the alliance with the Liberals.

And PD leader Emil Boc said after Tariceanu's statement that "it is for sure that pretexts are sought to remove PD from the government and to build a coalition [of Liberals] with the Social Democratic Party", now in opposition.