Mobile telephony companies in Romania and Bulgaria may be postponed two years before being forced to reduce their roaming fees. European parliamentarian Katerina Batzeli (Greece) claims the two countries have "immature" markets.

The by-law was adopted by a majority formed by the Popular and the Socialist parties.

Adina Valean, Liberal EP representing Romania declared for that such an initiative from an European official is unacceptable, and that some lobby conducted by the Greek company OTE (operating the Cosmote mobile network in Romania) may be the reason for the decision.

"I consider it bizarre for an European Parliamentarian to demand a derogation for another member state, when that state doesn't even want that derogation", says, mentioning that there is no evidence about any connection between Batzeli and OTE.

"We'll try to make sure this by-law doesn't get its final form", added Valean.