Youngsters have a rather bad opinion about their generation, considering it irresponsible, disrespectful, lacking will and eccentric. Adults, on the other hand, assume positive features to their generation but complain about the unstable social and professional status.

Old people are unhappy and altruistic. When it comes to values, money and respect are the main features in Romania.

These are some of the "Generation reports" study, conducted by the Institute for Education Sciences.

Participants were asked to chose the most important values among 16 options (money, respect, justice, education, labor etc.). Youngsters prefer money - 50.2%, but adults and elders remain close in this choice (39.3% and 37.5%, respectively).

The first place for adults is taken by respect, while elders insist labor and honesty are the most important.

A strong family that lives in harmony is desired by 47.9% of the youngsters, 40.6% of the adults and 35.8% of the elders.