Brussels is worried with Romania's anti graft actions, which still represent - officials say - a major priority. EU Justice and Interior Affairs spokesman, Friso-Roscam Abbing, said on Tuesday that "it's time for the Romanian Justice to act as one. Meeting the four benchmarks Romania assumed is critical".

"Commissioner Franco Frattini is willing to help Romania prepare a positive report, but it is up to the Romanian Parliament to take the right decisions, in the best interest of the people it represents".

Franco Frattini issued a specific warning on the attempt to resuscitate the former penal code, known as "the Stanoiu code" (after the Justice minister at the time).

"It's a new code, with a new set of procedures. Dislocating the two means chaos among practicians, judges, prosecutors and lawyers".

"In the 2004 code, nobody knows anymore what is crime and what is offence, nor cu applies the sentences", said Frattini. "If applied, this code should be immediately modified".

The code ranks as minor crimes the money laundering, building fascist organizations, threats with a terrorist purpose or influence trafficking.

Friso-Roscam Abbing also approached the issue of the National Integrity Agency (ANI), an institution designed to investigate the wealth gained by officials of all sorts. "ANI is not a threat to the Parliament, but a helping hand", said Abbing.