The national wired telephony operator had an income of 894.8 million euros in 2006, 3.8% less than the year before (929.7 millions), a company press release informs. The profit after taxes was 55.2 million euros, compared to 84.9 millions in 2005.

The decrease was caused mainly by the lower financial gain, the consolidation of mobile operator Cosmote's losses, the higher taxes and by the loss of clients as well.

According to the company, the income before taxes, fees and interests remained, in absolute figures, extremely similar to the year before - 338.3 million euros in 2006, compared to 341.5 millions in 2005.

The number of wired telephony clients decreased from 3.9 to 3.4 million, while the number of clients for data services (ADSL, VPN and other broadband services) increased 145%.

In 2006, Romtelecom made investments worth 200 million euros.