Parliamentarians try to suspend president Basescu, Basescu asks the Government to win confidence vote or resign. PM suddenly becomes Foreign Minister as well. Commissions form and die. Meanwhile, normal people do what they know best: go from bad to worse.

In brief, since we already have all the news posted:

- President Basescu is accused of breaching the Constitution at least 19 times, as well as committing several acts with a penal aspect, but the Commission that investigated the facts offers no arguments whatsoever to support these conclusions.

- PM Tariceanu is asked to gain a Parliamentarian vote of confidence or organize early elections.

- European officials are concerned with all the chaos in politics and ask leaders to concentrate on reforms.

Cotidianul reads that "we don't know and we may never know what's behind the 19 charges against Basescu". Jurnalul National, owned by the head of the Commission that put up the 19 charges, nominates and comments on each and every allegation.

Only Romania Libera seems aware that the results of the Commission's works were, in fact, known before it was even formed.

But Romania isn't all politics.

The South-Eastern area in Romania already entered a geological drought period, with rain and snow under 100 liters / square meter since November. Hydrological drought may be installed soon, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

Even scarier: tens of thousands of Romanians were infected while being hospitalized, most of the cases referring to newly born children, same Evenimentul Zilei reads.

No wonder one would rather go wondering in the world. And laws would help them: Romanians may get their unemployment cheques in all EU states, using the period worked in Romania and adding a month or two in the "target country", same Evenimentul Zilei found out.

Others prefer to stay home and simply go nuts. A 47-year old woman in Constanta made 11 bomb threats using pre-paid phone cards, all since the beginning of the year. The false alarms indicated as targets schools, TV stations, prosecutors, the City Hall and an airport, Gandul reads.

But it's not all that bad: some go nuts without bothering people: women from three villages entered the Guinness Book of Records after wreathing 134 meters of red onion, 14 meters more than the previous Polish record, same Gandul comforts us.

And, for a piece of news available in all newspapers: the first IKEA store in Romania had in its first day of living over 6,000 visitors, selling more than 29,000 items, worth a total of 350,000 euros.

A piece of bad, but normal news, comes from the general economic policies: companies prefer to pay less for dividends this year, in order to re-invest as much of the profit as they can. The general attitude is caused by the increasing competition environment felt after the EU accession, Jurnalul National reads.