After three weeks of study, the Parliamentarian Commission for President Basescu's Suspension announced through its chairman that it adopted a final report with 8 votes in favor and 4 abstentions (all Liberals and Hungarian Minority representatives). The head of the Commission, Dan Voiculescu, declared that president Basescu has breached the Constitution and committed criminal acts.

Voiculescu, also head of the Conservative Party, a former member of the government, mentioned that the President's deeds of criminal nature would be included in a separate addenda and sent to the Prosecutor General's office.

According to the Commission vice president, Basescu has committed 19 acts against the letter of the Constitution.

Commission members' statements:

Florin Iordache (Social-Democrat):

# Traian Basescu brutally intervened in Parliamentarian activities

# The President assumed the right to legislation initiatives

# The President abusively participated in Governmental sessions

# The President refused to name the ministers suggested by the Prime Minister

Norica Nicolai (Liberal):

# We didn't agree with some of the conclusions and that is why Liberals didn't vote in favor or against the report

# There a some matters that may be appreciated as critical

# The electors will have the final word in suspending the president

Crin Antonescu (Liberal):

# We regret the fact that Democrats refused to name members in the Commission

# The Commission was not formed by the president's political opponents

# The Constitutional Court proved that the commission was legally formed

# The activity in the Commission's sessions proved that the members were objective.

Nicolae Iorga (Great Romania):

# There are several reasons: Basescu's abusive suspension of the Defense Minister, Teodor Atanasiu; his refuse to sign the decree to name the Foreign Minister and the request for the resignations of the Interior and Foreign Intelligence services.

# It's been two months since the Foreign Ministry doesn't have a Minister. In any other country, the president's resignation would be an act of common sense.