Renault-owned Automobile Dacia had a 1.54 billion euros business figure last year, a 29% growth year on year. The net profit after taxes was 100.6 million euros. 2006 was the second year with profits, after 5 years in a row of losses.

The company sales reached 187,215 units, out of which 107,777 were sold in Romania and 79,438 exported. Compared to 2005, the Dacia sales grew 9.3%.

As for production, it reached 188,410 units, 177,230 being produced under the Logan brand.

Export center CKD Logan, managed by Renault Industrie Roumanie (RIR) generated a business figure of 335 million euros.

The cumulated Dacia - RIR business was 1.884 billion euros, with 45.7% represented by exports.

Dacia also made investments worth 142 million euros, while other 16 million euros were invested in a line for the next gear box, scheduled to be launched in 2008.

The total amount invested by Renault after taking over Dacia in 1999 is now 772 million euros, other 200 millions being scheduled for investment in 2007, plus 66 millions for the gear box line.