The CDU/CSU rapporteur for Romania expressed his concern with the political situation Romanian authorities have been going through. Krichbaum said in an interview for Deutsche Welle's Romanian-language broadcast that "Romania's accession to the EU was based on a ".

"I am concerned with the recent evolutions in the Romanian politics. As a spokesman of the CDU-CSU group in the Bundestag, as well as a rapporteur for Romania, I have to be informed at all times.

At this moment, I feel that work stopped in Romania at the accession date. Personally, a kept saying that the true work was just beginning after the accession, but I see reforms are stagnating for the moment.

(...) In some cases, like the National Integrity Agency, it's not even stagnation, it's rollback", said the German official, without offering a firm answer on whether the safeguarding clauses risk to be activated or not.