Rompetrol Financial Group sold a 0.08% stake in Rompetrol Rafinare Constanta-RRC on the Bucharest Stock Exchange on Tuesday. The transaction amounted to 1.64 million RON (some 500,000 euro). The 17.5 million shares were transferred within minutes before closing bell for a unit price of 9.39 bani (0,0939 RON).

Rompetrol boss Dinu Patriciu said early this year that by the end of March a 15% in RRC would have been sold. It was not Patriciu’s first statement of the kind as by mid-2006 he said he expected buyers for a 10 to 35% stake in the group.

RRC capital grew 23% to 2.64 billion US in 2006, but profits were down last year.