Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu is said to have asked the resignation of Interior minister Vasile Blaga on Monday evening, according to sources quoted by the Rompres press agency. They say that on his late arrival at a reunion of the governing coalition, PM Tariceanu saw Blaga, asked him what he was doing there and demanded his written resignation.

Blaga is said to have left the meeting immediately, long before other members of his Democratic Party.

Tariceanu’s Liberals (PNL) have been considering a breakup with the Democrats (PD) and speculations have been flowing for the past week that one way to do that - or a step towards that goal - was removing PD’s key ministers - Blaga from the Interior Ministry and Monica Macovei from the Justice Ministry.

The situation was created a week ago when Blaga and Macovei refused to co-sign an ordinance promoted by Tariceanu, calling for a postponement of European elections due to take place in Romania this year.