President Traian Basescu formally notified Justice Minister Monica Macovei on Monday about an official request that a criminal inquiry be launched against Zsolt Nagy, the Information Technology and Communication Minister, a Presidency press release says.

As soon as notified, Justice Minister Macovei forwarded the documents to the High Court of Causation and Justice (ICCJ).

Basescu’s decision is based on the final report of the Special Commission formed in order to investigate the ICCJ Prosecutor General’s intimation of alleged criminal acts committed by the IT&C Minister, Zsolt Nagy.

The report brief shows that „after analyzing the intimation, the documents offered by the Prosecutor General and after hearing minister Nagy, the Commission can’t either recommend the closing, nor pronounce on the existence of solid grounds for the case”.

The Commission recommended the following of the pursuit, with or without the opening of a criminal file.

Nagy is accused of actions coming against the national security. His name, along with the one of the former Economy Minister, Codrut Seres, were unveiled in the file of strategic privatizations.

Both ministers are accused of unveiling secret documents and data referring to major privatizations to an espionage network led by Bulgarian Stamen Stancev.