WBS Romania president Cristian Sima was chosen from among five candidates to replace Razvan Pasol in the board of directors of the Bucharest Stock Exchange-BVB at a BVB shareholders’ meeting on Saturday, March 17. The meeting also adopted a set of regulations for derivatives trading and the specifications of its first index-based futures contracts (BET, BET-Fi).

Cristian Sima was chosen in three rounds of voting from among five candidates. He completes a team formed of BVB president Septimiu Stoica, VPs Ovidiu Sergiu Pop and Dan-Viorel Paul, secretary general Nicolae-Alexandru Rusu, Petru Prunea, Adrian Manaila, Dana-Mirela Ionescu and Rares-Doralin Nilas.

The Romanian National Securities Commission must deliver its approval of the new operational changes for the BVB to start trading on the futures market. According to BVB management sources, once that accomplished futures trading - so far the appanage of the Sibiu Futures Exchange - may start within days.