Two separate interviews were broadcast by the BBC radio station, with president Basescu and PM Tariceanu accusing each other of everything, from maintaining and consolidating a political clients system to Soviet behavior.

President Basescu claims that the prime minister broke the 2005 agreement for early elections, while Tariceanu says that the president is becoming more and more isolated.

The interviews were part of a special edition of the "Europe Today" show, developed by the BBC World Service in order to analyze the president - prime minister relationship.

Asked whether it should be the moment to stop arguing and start governing the state, president Basescu only said: "for 50 years, it was silence in Romania. Now, various officials state their opinions. Maybe they don't do it the right way all the time, but everyone is entitled to an opinion".

Basescu believes that the prime minister helps the Opposition work against him and finds in this a reason for the delay of reforms.

On the other hand, PM Tariceanu says that the Parliament is the only institution able to decide whether the Government worked or not. "The president acts like a president of a Soviet Republic. This is not the way to make politics in Europe."

A symbolic level of corruption and reforms recognized by European officials and the World Bank - these are the facts that should prove the Government's activity, believes Tariceanu.