Another counselor was lost on Thursday by president Traian Basescu, due to invoked health problems. Sergiu Medar, national security counselor, was released from his position and replaced with Mihai Stanisoara, head of the Defense Commission in the House of Deputies, according to an official statement by presidential spokesperson, Adriana Saftoiu.

Medar was hospitalized in a military facility at the beginning of March, due to blood pressure fluctuations. He was instated as counselor in November 2005.

Presidential spokesperson Saftoiu also announced that the former CURS manager (a public opinion measuring official body) was named counselor in a newly developed position, in the Planning and research department.

Other two counselor were also named on Thursday, Cristian Preda in the Education and Research Department and Bujor Bogdan Teodoriu in the Social and Economic Policies.