Former managers of the Romanian Lottery plundered the company in the period of 2003-2005, unsing false reports, contracts with cronies and high bonuses for directors as means to fill the pockets of many, including the Management Board and the shareholders board, according to results of a year-long inquiry by inspectors of Finance Ministry’s fiscal control body ANAF.

The investigation showed the former general manager of the company cashed 7.59 billion ROL in various management bonuses as well as some 4.2 billion ROL from a quota to the profit that returns to employees.

Shareholders are also blamed of receiving illicit income amounting to some 1.25 billion ROL, while board members received an additional amount of 1,1 billion ROL, also abusively.

According to ANAF, budget and performance index errors led to "anachonic situations" in 2003-2005.