The fourth model of Dacia-Renault’s Logan will be launched at the end of 2007 in Brazil. Even though many expected the new model to be launched on the European market, Luc-Alexandre Menard, Renault’s executive manager, confirmed that the target will be South America.

“The next model will be launched in Brazil, it was a decision taken by Carlos Ghosn”, said Menard, who managed the Logan project since Louis Schweitzer, former company CEO, decided to launch a low-cost model.

After Carlos Ghosn took over Renault, he instantly decided that two models are not enough for a brand like Logan.

In his „Contract 2009” principle draft, he imposed a development strategy that aims at launching 26 models and increasing the company profit rate 6% before the end of 2009.

Built first in Romania, Logan is now also produced in Russia, Morocco, Columbia, India and Brazil.