No one wonders how come Police are corrupt after a day like yesterday. Even Traian Basescu's brother is in business with the energy "wise guys" and makes official statements about the way he could care less about what president Basescu believes.

The rest of the country - in business, in frauds, in bribes - bravely resists any temptation to become European.

The hot topic, although only one of the newspapers dares to deal with it, is the tensed situation between Romania and Moldova. After the aggressive statements made during the past few days by Moldovan officials, Cotidianul considers that "Moldova declares Cold War on Romania".

The Romanian Foreign Ministry is aware of the consequences of its silence, but sources claim that the Romanian government prepares for a "global reaction against all allegations", the same newspaper reads.

One should not expect this global reaction too soon, since both the president and the prime minister are in Brussels, busy to avoid one another. Different planes, different hotels, different schedules, as if they went to participate in the European Council representing two different countries, Evenimentul Zilei comments.

Well, Basescu does have a reason to avoid PM Tariceanu, after all the fuss about "the wise guys" who make a fortune buying cheap energy from the state and selling it, with a large commission, of course, back to the same state.

Mircea Basescu, the president's brother, is in business with the most controversial energy company in Romania, Energy Holding. "I will continue doing business with them. I don't care what my brother says. I don’t ask for his advice and I don't ask his permission for anything.

The contract was signed because Energy Holding was the best deal", says Mircea Basescu, as quoted by Gandul

Why would anyone wonder, under these circumstances that Romanian Police officers came to bribe each other, mainly when is comes to drivers' licenses, where the "fee" to obtain the document is 100 euros.

Evenimentul Zilei came into possession of a document, the transcription of a top Police officials meeting, in which everyone complains about bribes, but take comfort in the thought that "Justice is the most corrupt system in Romania, not the Police".

Well, the rest of us shouldn't care too much about the bribes for drivers' licenses, since there's a big problem with "what to drive", not with "who drives it". The first registration tax for cars made the sales drop 10.5% in the first quarter, after the market grew 20% in Q1 2006, Gandul reads.

The businessmen are in the same bus: moderate optimism for the first quarter, with both imports and exports decreasing and a commercial deficit growing 95%, same Gandul informs.

Business may improve in the insurance area, where companies are forced to sign an insurance policy for the managers' incompetence, an unique obligation in the entire European Union, as Cotidianul reads.

Managers may stink, but Romanian hackers rule. "Vladutz" made eBay managers spell "terror" after breaking into the company servers twice and informing the board that he found "security holes the size of a barn door", Gandul informs, quoting Fox News.

While the FBI is powerless in front of Vladutz, Romanians work double shifts and catch a major Italian mobster, Antonio Constantini, sentenced to 21 years in jail after killing the hitman who killed his brother, according to Gandul.

A fine day after all. Right?