Eight of the world's most expensive capitals are in Europe, so visiting the old continent may mean you have to save a lot before taking the actual trip. According to a study conducted by The Economist, quoted by money.cnn.com, Oslo is the world's most expensive city.

The Norway capital is followed by Paris, Copenhagen and London, while Bucharest ranks only the 96th, on the same level with Manama, Bahrain.

The top ten includes two Japanese cities, Tokyo (5th, after being 1st in 2005 and 2nd in 2006) and Osaka (6th). These are followed by Reykjavik (Iceland), Zurich (Switzerland), Frankfurt (Germany) and Helsinki (Finland).

Because of dollar/euro rate dropping, American cities became even cheaper than Moscow.

The research was conducted using a "basket' of 160 products, from cigarettes and toothpaste to theatre tickets.