The Moldovan Foreign Minister, Andrei Stratan, says that a project to open two Romanian consulates in the Moldovan Republic, at Balti and Cahul, is "no longer topical". The two consulates were first designed to ease the visa procedures for Moldovan citizens who wanted to visit Romania.

In an interview for BBC, Stratan says that "the situation has changed now". The statements come only one day after the Moldovan government roughly attacked Romania, claiming that the policy of the Bucharest govt. is a threat for Moldova's sovereignty and security.

Kishinev govt. criticizes the way Romania treats the problem of Romanian citizenship for Moldovans, accusing Romania of purposely exaggerating the number of existing applications.

According to an official press release, president Basescu's decision related to the European Visas Center, managed by Romania "is defying". Even more, Moldova appealed to the international community, in order to use its influence on Romania and have the mutual relationship brought back to normal.