The cabinet led by PM Vasile Tarlev in the Moldova Republic issued its first official accusations against Romania, in a more than rough manner. Tarlev's cabinet considers that the Romania policies represent a threat against Moldova's state integrity and national security.

Bucharest authorities are also accused of declaring a number of Moldovans demanding Romanian citizenship much higher than in reality.

The Tarlev cabinet official statement was made public through the official news agency Moldpres.

In the statement, Romanian president Traian Basescu is accused of having a defying attitude in his decisions regarding the European Visas Center, managed by Romania.

"The officials' lack of will in signing the basic mutual treaty and the Frontier Treaty can't be interpreted in other manner than a confirmation of Romania's true intentions", the release reads.

According to the official paper, the Moldovan govt. appeals to the international community to use its influence on Romania, so that its interest would be reduced to "normal, good understanding and neighboring relationships"".