Romanian President Traian Basescu said on Monday that he expected some major corruption cases involving “important political people” to near conclusion. He said at a Public Ministry meeting that in these circumstances Romanian prosecutors should remained unbiased and not let their decisions be influenced by political meddling or media campaigns.

Basescu’s statements came as Jurnalul National, a newspaper controlled by the family of political rival Dan Voiculescu, the leader of the Conservative Party, published a report on Tuesday that a series of hard-hitting investigations are on the pipeline, targeting another rival of the president, PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu.

On a visit to Constanta, Tariceanu said he did not feel he was a target of such inquiries and questioned the source of Basescu’s information.

Basescu said prosecutors should apply the law indiscriminately “from the president to the least important citizen”. And he said that along politicians the media has one of the “most toxic” power to influence justice matters.

The President announced he would deliver a memo to the prosecutor-general on Tuesday that he received from a citizen who has witnessed how the interests of politicians, business people, the media and magistrates are interweaving.

And Basescu warned that one reason for the current crisis of the Justice system is that a huge lack of personnel in the sector.