President Traian Basescu on Tuesday held a first round of consultations with parliamentary parties on his proposal to organize a referendum on the introduction of uninominal votes in Romanian elections.

Presidential spokeswoman Adriana Saftoiu said after Basescu’s talks with opposition Social Democrats that the head of state would abandon plans for such a referendum if the Parliament adopted a draft law on the issue.

The news came as prime-minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu addressed a letter to Basescu today warning that Romania will not be able to organize European Parliament elections on the set date of May 13 this year unless politicians reach a compromise and drop plans for two other referendums.

A second referendum was planned by the opposition, supported by Tariceanu’s governing Liberals, to suspend the head of state.

The opposition Social Democrats (PSD), along with the governing Democratic Party (PD) and Hungarian Democrats (UDMR) were scheduled to meet the head of state today.

The Liberals (PNL), also part of the governing coalition, along with the opposition Greater Romania Party (PRM) and the Conservatives (PC) are expected tomorrow.

The PSD said prior to the meeting it would ask the President to drop his plan for a referendum, while the PC pushes for its postponement. The governing PD and PNL said they firmly support both a referendum and the idea of an uninominal vote.

UDMR and PRM do not agree with uninominal vote, which is aimed at having Romanian voters chose their representatives based on individual candidacies instead of party lists.