Accommodation bonuses and attractive income are the main measures suggested by the Government, in order to determine Romanians working abroad to return home.

Romanian Govt. decided to form a joint ministerial group, in order to analyze the financial situation of Romanians working abroad and find a set of financial incentives, in order to make them return home.

In case employers’ associations and official institutions agree on the policy, the same wages will be offered for both local workers and those who return to Romania.

The project has its opponents, ministers and analysts warning that the measures are useless in case there’s a significant difference between European and Romanian salaries and, even more, that higher wages may put supplementary pressure on the overall inflation.

Many say that higher wages make the Central Bank’s inflation target turn into a dream. The current estimations indicate a 4.3% inflation rate in 2007. “Treating each working field separately may be a solution”, some analysts presume.