Although the Romanian labor force goes through a lot of fast improvements, due either to foreign investors or to Romanian companies enlarging their activity, Romanians are the least happy in Europe when it comes to their salaries.

According to the 2007 edition of the European Foundation for Life and Work Conditions Improvement, a study conducted on over 30,000 European employees, the largest discontent rate referring the labor conditions was found in Romanian workers.

Only 10% of the Romanian respondents said that they are "very pleased" by their job, while 40% are "pleased", an article in the "Bani si afaceri" magazine reads.

The study is conducted once every five years, starting in 1991. The new edition refers to all 27 EU states, candidates Croatia and Turkey, as well as Switzerland and Norway.

The work satisfaction level is 5 out of 6 pleased or very pleased employees in Europe, in both the 2006 and 2001 studies.

The attributes of a job that generate the content level are the income, working hours, skill development opportunities, career advances and individual control over the activity.

Over 90% of the employees in Denmark, Norway, UK and the Czech Republic are pleased by their conditions, while less than 60% are happy in Romania and Turkey.