"Romania will not hurry to pass to the European currency, preferring to meet a true convergence with the EU criteria", said the Central Bank governor, Mugur Isarescu, As quoted in Financial Times.

Isarescu believes that Romania, which entered the EU on January 1, 2007, met the conditions to become a member of the euro area, but this is not enough. Euro shouldn't be adopted until a true convergence exists.

"Adopting the euro may seem a simple task, but is in fact a complicated one and we have to maintain a balance between ambitions and reality", declared Isarescu for the British newspaper.

Isarescu explains that Romania, where the number of foreign investors grew fast after the accession, wishes to avoid the Hungarian scenario, where the Central Bank had to postpone twice the euro adoption, infuriating the investors.

In January 2007, Romania set 2014 as deadline for adopting the European currency.