President Traian Basescu explained in a press statement on Wednesday his option not to attend a Parliament session earlier today that established a commission to investigate claims that he repeatedly breached the Constitution - a key phase in opposition efforts to have him suspended.

He also detailed his talks with the Government this morning and made a series of comments on Romania’s relations with the Moldovan Republic and other priorities.

He said he opted to stay away from the Parliament vote to avoid renewed tensions and said MPs were free to try and have him suspended and were responsible for their moves. But he said the stake of the Parliament decision today was to “silence the President”, which he said would not happen.

He also detailed talks with the Government in the morning, when he warned that unless Romania establishes ANI, a new body aimed at keeping the wealth and influence of politicians in check, the EU will continue monitoring the Romanian Justice system.

According to Basescu, another point of interest on today’s agenda is the capacity of Romania to absorb EU funds for agriculture reform, which is still week.

And related to the country’s relations with the Moldovan Republic, he said the Government in Bucharest must adopt norms to ease procedures for granting citizenship to people coming to Romania from the neighboring country, while Romania has already promised to open two new consulates there.