More than half of Romanians don’t agree with president Basescu’s suspension, an Insomar study shows. The head of state is still the most trusted politician, with 49% (compared to 57% in November 2006). At the same time, over 60% of the populace agrees with introduction of the uninominal vote.

In the question of president’s suspension, 53% of the respondents do not agree, 23 would agree and 15% are not interested in the subject.

The uninominal vote introduction is supported by 60.3% of the electors, while 15.9% consider that party lists are better.

In case a referendum would take place, 50.7% of the electors would vote to support their choice for the uninominal vote, 29.2% don’t know if they’d make such an effort and 9.8% would participate to vote against.