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Justice Minister may stay in place, Basescu too hard to get

Miercuri, 21 februarie 2007, 0:00

Ioan Vida, President of the Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court decided on Wednesday that the Justice Minister, Monica Macovei, doesn't have to be revoked due to the simple motion against her, approved by the Senate.
During the same session, the Court decided that the Parliamentarian modifications on the Referendum Law come against the Constitution. President Basescu's suspension still has to be approved by half plus one of the electors on the lists, not by half plus one of the ones participating in the poll.
The decision the Court took today is final and obligatory.

Prime minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu declared on Monday that he still supports Macovei, but he expects the Court's decision first.
The anti Macovei motion was approved by the Senate with a close simple majority.

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