Debates over the suspension of President Traian Basescu, as requested by the opposition, will take place on February 28, while those on a referendum on the introduction of uninominal votes in legislative elections will occur on March 1, the joint permanent boards of the two chambers of the Romanian Parliament decided on Tuesday.

On February 28, MPs will see whether the creation of a commission was needed to investigate the activities of the President, whom the opposition Social Democrats (PSD) accuse of acting against the letter of Constitution, or whether the PSD notification in this regard should be sent directly to the Constitutional Court.

A decision in this regard is needed as an interim procedure before a possible referendum for the suspension of the President, called by the opposition, is organized.

Debates over President Basescu’s own proposals related to the introduction of a uninominal vote in parliamentary elections - presented as a measure to clean up the political stage in Romania, where politicians are elected on party lists - are expected to last longer.

Basescu has said he did not need the approval of the Parliament to call for such a referendum, but that he would consult MPs over the issue. Opposition MPs responded by saying that his proposals were too vague and needed detailed information for a proper consultation.