The Judicial Commission of the Romanian House of Deputies decided late on Monday that no elections can take place three months before or after a referendum is organized.

It also decided that two referendums cannot take place within a period of three months and discussed an amendment that sets a possible referendum for the suspension of President as having priority over a referendum on national interest issues.

The debate comes as the political stage is divided these days over opposition plans to hold a referendum for the suspension of President Traian Basescu, to organize elections for the European Parliament and to give way to a possible presidential move to organize a referendum for the introduction of the uninominal vote in Romanian parliamentary elections.

18 members of the Commission supported the decision with four votes against.

Social Democratic (PSD, opposition) deputy Florin Iordache also submitted an amendment that sets the priority of a referendum according to its judicial value.

According to the amendment, a referendum to dismiss President Basescu or to change the Constitution has priority over one dedicated to national interest issues such as changes to the electoral law to allow uninominal votes as the head of state requested.

The only party to oppose the proposals was the Democratic Party, with its partner in the governing coalition, the National Liberal Party, voting in favor of the decision.

MPs are expected to give their final approval to the changes on Tuesday morning.