President Traian Basescu on Monday dismissed claims that Romania faces a political crisis these days and said in an interview for Radio Romania that it all comes down to a media war sparked by three major moguls in Romanian media and by politicians.

He named businessmen Sorin Ovidiu Vantu, who owns the Realitatea Media group, Dinu Patriciu, owner of the Adevarul group, and Dan Voiculescu, who controls the Intact group as moguls who use their media outlets in the political struggle for economic favors. “They want to weaken the things that prevent them from getting economic favors from politicians they control”, he said.

And he said one can only speak of a political crisis “when state institutions cannot work and do not have constitutional solutions” to their problems, which is not he case when it comes to political tensions today.

And he accused politicians of pressing him to abandon his duty to keep in touch with state institutions. “I’m not an obedient tomcat”, he said.

The Romanian President is facing strong opposition in the Romanian Parliament as a political party of the governing coalition, the Liberals, joined the minority groups in a series of legislative moves aimed at the suspension of the head of state.