The Democratic Party-PD are expectred to call for a revote in the Romanian Senate on a motion tabled by the opposition calling for the resignation of Romanian Justice minister Monica Macovei.

The opposition parties, supported by several MPs in the governing coalition camp, managed to pass the motion last week, but talks of fraud emerged after it came to light that one Senator voted twice in the procedure.

Macovei, explicitly supported by many Western officials for her efforts to fight Romanian corruption, said last week that she would not resign. But the opposition Conservative Party threatened that the opposition would initiate a motion against the whole government unless Macovei resigned this week.

PD leader Emil Boc said Saturday that he would submit a criminal complaint against Greater Romania Party (PRM, opposition, far-right) Senator Dan Claudiu Tanasescu, who was identified as voting twice in last week’s parliamentary procedure.

And he urged fellow parties in the governing coalition, the Liberals (PNL) and the Hungarian Democrats (UDMR) on Sunday to express their firm support for Macovei despite parliamentary pressure.