The US military base in Talil, SE Iraq, which hosts Romanian troops from the 495 Battalion, came under insurgent attack on Sunday night but no victims were reported. According to a Radio Romania correspondent in Iraq, five 122 mm rockets fell within the Talil compound and two others exploded nearby, but only damaged US logistics at the base.

Five other rockets hit targets close to the city of Nassiriya. Two projectiles exploded near the Romanian infantry’s Camp Dracula in Talil.

The raid came as a series of attacks took place in Baghdad, where three car bomb exploded in the main Shiite quarter of the city, killing at least 65 people including ten children and wounding over 131.

These are the bloodiest attacks in Iraq since the United States launched a new security plan for the country four days ago. And they occurred a day after a surprise visit to Baghdad of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.