Romania goes through a deep political crisis, risking to delay the reforms Brussels still expects, AFP comments. The French news agency notes that "it has become "an ordinary fact" for president Basescu and PM Tariceanu to confront publicly.

The hostility between the chief of the state and the prime minister also affected the relationship between their political formations - the Liberal and the Democrat parties - who announced their intention to run separately for the European elections on May 13.

The first victim of the conflict was the Foreign Minister, Mihai Ungureanu, who resigned at prime minister's demand. Tariceanu had previously commented on several occasions on the close relationship between Ungureanu and Basescu.

AFP also refers to the Justice Minister, Monica Macovei, another important member of the Cabinet, who is also about to lose her position. Meanwhile, several European Parliamentarians and non governmental organizations demanded Tariceanu not to let go one of "Romania's accession artisans".