Still dazzled after the uninominal vote, the Romanian media finds nothing but minor news to work on, since the political crisis is in its first day without important actions and statements from the politicians.

NATO doesn't tolerate any violent actions in Kosovo, says the NATO secretary General, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, after the tragic incident in the area.

A street meeting this weekend ended with two victims, supposedly killed by Romanian gendarmes' rubber bullets, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

UN begins to look like a simple pawn when China and Russia, two countries holding 40% of the worldwide populace and, fifth of the world economy and over half of the nuclear weapons, decide to sign a strategical partnership, same Evenimentul Zilei reads. Adding India, the East rises to the same position it had during the Cold War.

"There are moments when one supports one idea just because he believes it's the public's ideal" is the head title in Gandul. "He refused to talk about the uninominal vote a few month ago, now he praises it. He accused politicians living in state-owned villas, now we know he over-stayed in one", the paper reads.

It's good to know that the political class isn't everything in Romania. In business, the Central Bank begun to have profits in December, officials, say, for the first time after 1990. The governor, Mugur Isarescu, declared that profit is the target of the Central Bank at the end of 2006, when CB recorded severe losses for the past two years, Gandul reads.

The news isn't good enough for school teachers, who leave their jobs in order to become baby sitters. The wage as a baby sitter in Romania almost double, compared to a school teacher's income (300 euros per month, instead of 170), but it can grow up to 1,000, Adevarul found out.

Same Adevarul counts the Romanian and Bulgarian students who prefer the Western Europe in their studies and find out that the number of applications for UK schools increased 200% for Romania and 184% for Bulgaria.

One may find it normal, since Romania is not to be trusted. Even the Police officers, Cotidianul reads, make massive illegal moves on the real estate market. A

Many high-ranked officers bought their "work apartments" at low prices, despite the fact that they already owned a personal home.

And finally, the same Cotidianul offers a piece of news with the official reaction of PM Tariceanu regarding the uninominal vote referendum: "The president once again acts as if he was in a pub. Ordering and living under the impression that he consulted the waiter".